Why You Should Add Hong Kong to Your RTW Trip Itinerary

There are a million different ways to craft a RTW trip. Some travelers like to choose the places that they’ve always wanted to visit – their bucket list destinations and activities that they’ve always dreamed of doing and going. They devise their itinerary around those must-see places. Others like to take advantage of the time they will have on their extended trip and go to far-away places that are difficult to get to and see on a one or two week vacation. Others really like to challenge themselves and go to places that are notoriously difficult to travel in.

If you are one those people who likes a good travel challenge, then China may be on your radar. If China is on your radar as a travel destination, then adding Hong Kong to your RTW itinerary would be a good place to start. While Hong Kong is a crazy place and can get the best of some travelers, it’s a good introduction to traveling in China.

One of the most interesting things about traveling in Hong Kong is the vast differences in culture between the west and Asia. The dichotomy can be amazing, and it’s something that’s really cool to witness. And if you’re into food, you can certainly do worse than Hong Kong. It’s filled with amazing cuisine, and if you are brave enough (you should be) to sample street food, you’ll find some of the best and most authentic in the world. Hong Kong is certainly not for everyone, but if you have an adventurous spirit, this would be a great place to add to your round the world trip.