Well, Maybe Not a Paradise

A couple days ago I posted an entry entitled Hong Kong: “A Public Transportation Paradise.” I received a very interesting comment from a recent visitor from France. Here it is. Remember English is not his native language but he communicates very well.

“Glad to read once a positive and almost enthousiastic comment ! Yes, buses go anywhere, but even with the differents internet sites, it’s not obvious to find out which bus(es) can get you from such place to such other place. List of buses exists, but sorted by #line (with a description of the route). So, among hundreds of lines, it’s not easy to know hout to get from there to there (specially in new territories). As for me, I was often obliged to ask people. ”

He is absolutely right. After living here for 13 years, I sometimes forget how confusing street and place names can be. It’s also difficult to find the correct stops for boarding sometimes. I also agree that asking often solves the problem. Just when I thought I knew everything….