Weekend Getaway in Manila

manila-marketHow about planning a short vacation to the only capital city in Asia that resembles a Latin American city? Yes, we are talking about Manila, the cosmopolitan capital of the Philippines.

Manila was the capital of the Spanish East Indies for 3 centuries and ruins of the old city still stand and marvel the tourists, although the city has been badly destroyed during World War II. Before the war, Manila used to be compared with European cities such as Paris and London. Today, it is a popular travel destination and an excellent choice for those on a low budget.

The city is blessed with tropical climate which means the wet season has just kicked in and you’ll have to be prepared for some showers. The good part though is that you can easily find cheap flights to Manila this time of the year.

When flying from Hong Kong into Manila, make sure to check out the Philippine Airlines flights . Fares start at US$400 round trip and the travel time is two hours. This makes Manila an excellent weekend getaway or a lovely place to take your beau if you want to surprise them.

When it comes to hotels in Manila , you can find rooms starting at just US$55 per night, in a hotel located close to everything. Of course, you can always look for hostels and you can easily find beds at just US$6 per night. Even apartments start at US$12 per person per night and you can cater for yourself.

There are many historical landmarks to visit in the city. Intramuros is what’s left of the old city and contains some of the city’s most interesting museums, ruins, and churches.

Aside from visiting the important landmarks, don’t forget to plan a bit of shopping while you are here. The outdoor markets are excellent places to visit if you fancy buying souvenirs and don’t mind to haggle.

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