Top 5 Must-See Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that is a fascinating mix of many cultures and centuries of history. It is a city that has been the center of trade in China for a very long time and has seen more than its share of historic events. When you are getting ready to visit Hong Kong, there are five sites that you must see before you leave. As you start to book Hong Kong flights, make sure your vacation itinerary includes these five places.

Victoria Peak

Throughout the Hong Kong area, including the Hong Kong Island, there are several areas where people can go to get a majestic view of the city. But if you ask the locals where to find the best view of Hong Kong, they will tell you to go to The Peak. The Peak is more formally referred to as Victoria Peak and it is 373 meters high. You can take a comfortable tram to the top of the peak and see what the locals are all talking about.

Sha Tin Buddhist Temple

One of the things that strikes people who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time is the beautiful colors that are incorporated into the local architecture. The Chinese culture is rich in colorful imagery and that imagery is on display at the Sha Tin Buddhist Temple. As you ascend the 400 steps to the temple, you will get a preview of what is at the top as both sides of the stairway has colorful and detailed Buddha statues lining them. Once you reach the temple, you will not want to stop taking pictures. The temple has long been deserted by the monks, but it is still one of the most interesting sites in all of Hong Kong.

The Light Symphony

Disneyworld is not the only place that has one of the most impressive light shows in the world. When nighttime hits Hong Kong, you should find a spot that gives you a panoramic view of the skyline and enjoy The Light Symphony. Large display lights and colorful lasers have been installed on to the highest buildings in Hong Kong and each night they dance to synchronized music. Even if you have been to Disneyworld, this Hong Kong light show is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Tian Tan Buddha

If you have ever seen any pictures of the major attractions in Hong Kong, there is a good chance that you have seen a picture of a giant statue of Buddha that seems to tower over the trees. This is the Tian Tan Buddha located on Lantau Island. It is located on the top of a hill that requires 200 steps to climb. Once you get there, you can visit the temple and take pictures of this world famous statue.

Thung Chung Fort

No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to the 900 year old Thung Chung Fort on Lantau Island. It was built to protect the Hong Kong harbors from pirates and smugglers. It is exquisitely preserved and remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire area.

When you visit Hong Kong, there is a lot to see. But if your time is limited. then you should check out the five most famous spots that the city has to offer.

Photo by pelcinary