The Chicken Follies Continue

The uproar over the three week suspension of fowl imports continued today. The only “foul” import I could see was the continued posturing of those engaged in the chicken trade newly aided and abetted by a couple politicians. Macau has not suspended chicken imports so they want to know why Hong Kong did.

I will tell them. Macau has less than 500,000 people, Hong Kong close to 7 million. Macau did not endure the brunt of the SARS epidemic and panic, Hong Kong did. Macau is not directly across the border from the area of Guangzhou that was the source of an infected chicken a couple weeks ago, Hong Kong is. Macau does what Beijing instructs them to do, Hong Kong is more independent. The good news is local chicken farmers will harvest a bonanza but they don’t have the clout that the big China chicken distributors have.

Anyone who can think further ahead than their daily sales has got to be in favor of this ban and they seem to be, if the quotes in the newspaper are any indication.