Ten Things to do in Hong Kong, #7B

This is a continuation of Ten Things to do in Hong Kong, #7A:visiting the outer islands.

I wish my wife, Pam, was writing today’s posting since she knows so much more than I do about the outer islands. She’s a hiker so she and her friends have explored many of the smaller inhabited and uninhabited islands.

Peng Chau Island Near the Ferry Terminal

Peng Chau Island Near the Ferry Terminal

I am familiar with two of the smaller islands. I’m most familiar with Peng Chau, which has an ambiance very similar to Cheung Chau but is less crowded with tourists. It is easily accessible from Discovery Bay on Lantau. The other is Po Toi which can be accessed from Stanley and has a few good seafood restaurants that are almost empty on week days. It is also relatively easy to walk completely around the Island and get some great views of other islands and the South China Sea.

There are 225 uninhabited islands, some with trails, some without. To find out more about these islands, I would suggest writing or visiting one of the Hong Kong Tourism Board Offices for free information, maps and suggestions. It is relatively easy to charter or even rent a boat to visit many of these virginal islands, such as the Sokos.

There are also many sparsely inhabited islands some of which have restaurants, some of which don’t. The inhabitants often make a living fishing. I don’t know a heck of a lot about them except that locals sometimes try to keep them a secret to avoid tourists.

Up for an adventure? Try visiting some of these islands. It’s easy to imagine what Hong Kong was like 100 years ago even on Po Toi.