Ten Things to do in Hong Kong, #2


I am referring to two kinds of walking here: walking as in “hiking” or “trekking” and walking as in “strolling” or “wandering.” Both apply to Hong Kong.

Aberdeen Country Park
Aberdeen Country Park on Hong Kong Island

Strolling or wandering the streets of any Asian city is often a rewarding experience. Hong Kong is more rewarding than most. On both sides of the Harbor, there are literally hundreds of side streets and alleys to explore. They offer up all kinds of wonders from strange smells to strange products to strange people to strange foods, etc.

My wife, Pam, and I like to take Sunday evening walks. We invariably discover a street, a restaurant, a temple or a shop we’ve never visited before. Such discoveries can add a little spice and excitement to what could be a most boring walk. I can’t imagine having the same experience in the average American City excepting perhaps New York, Boston and San Francisco.

Hong Kong has four major trails: The Hong Kong Trail which spans Hong Kong Island, the Wilson Trail which starts on Hong Kong Island but crosses the harbor and continues up to the New Territories, the MacElhose Trail which runs for over 100 kilometers around the New Territories and the Lantau Trail which, I am told, offers up some of the most incredible views in the world.

As if that wasn’t enough there are dozens of less well known trails in the County Parks and literally hundreds of mountain trails, some of which, can be found on every island.

Do not take hiking these trails lightly. Carry water and whenever possible hike with a companion or at the least let people know where you are going and when you expect to return. Unprepared people have gotten lost or fallen and were seriously injured or died on some of these trails.

Check at a Hong Kong Tourist Board office for maps and lists of guided hikes. You can do some advance planning by accessing Hong Kong Walks or Hong Kong Green on the internet.

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