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Ten Things to do in Hong Kong, #1

Thanks to M at the Fringe, an extremely fine and inventive restaurant, for the inspiration to attempt to pick ten things that are not usually found in guidebooks and are aimed primarily at residents and then offer the list to tourists also. I must acknowledge that I have used the M at the Fringe list as a springboard for my list.

I doubt that I will limit myself to ten items in the long run but it is a start. I also freely admit that I have not done all of these things myself but, if I have not done something, I certainly wish I had or I plan to do it someday.

The list is ordered randomly so pick any item to begin to build your own list.

Number one, attend one or more of the traditional festivals many of which are held on the outer islands or in the New Territories. These festivals are celebrated for all kinds of reasons. One thing common to them all is that they involve food and eating.

You can find a chronological list of the major festivals celebrated Territory-wide at the Footprint Guides Hong Kong Site. Not all of these are traditional but can make any trip to Hong Kong more interesting.

The Hong Kong Tourist Board publishes an excellent chronological list of traditional festivals. You can observe these festivities at many of the local villages and neighborhoods. Check in at one of the Hong Kong Tourism Board Locations for further specific recommendations.

Keep your ears and eyes open. These events offer a unique opportunity to experience traditional Chinese culture. Also do not hesitate to try the food. So much of Chinese culture is connected to food.