Promenade and Avenue of the Stars Re-opening.

Last night, while on the way to a Hong Kong Philharmonic performance, we stumbled into a new attraction next to the Cultural Center.

It’s a 10 minute water, light and music show and was truly amazing. One of the effects is to project messages and pictures on to a thin sheet of water so that the message moves and disappears as the water falls. The show we saw was at 7:30 PM. As far as I know the schedule has not been published.

HK Cultural Center

The Cultural Center From Victoria Harbor

This attraction is part of the refurbishment of the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Avenue of the Stars. There is an upper deck for watching the Symphony of Lights every night at 8pm. This spectacular multimedia show combines lights and narration featuring 18 key buildings on Hong Kong Island. The balcony is still not completely finished but should be soon.

What a great evening you can plan. The light. water and music show we saw at 7:30, the Symphony of Lights at 8:00, followed by a great dinner at one of the many restaurants within 10 minutes walk of the Promenade. It is times like this that I forget the crowding, the high rents and the pollution and instead appreciate Hong Kong as the urban paradise it can be.