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O.K., the Sevens Weren’t Perfect.

Aunty Edna from Thailand writes that it was disappointing that there was only Heineken beer available except for a couple Carlsberg stalls.

I would like to add my own complaint that the outlawing of beer drinking in the upper stands is another needless “Big Brother” protection. If I drink too much beer, I’m just as likely to hurt myself in the lower stands as the upper.

Aunty Edna’s unexpurgated comments follow:

Teams – great variety; entertainment – great variety; food – great variety; wine and spirits – great variety; beer – ONE BRAND ONLY!! Beer – “the best ever”?? If you like Heineken, yes. But what happened to choice? What about people who can’t stand Heineken? Where were the Fosters, Carlsberg and San Mig girls of previous years? Yes – if you looked hard (and weren’t confined to the South Stand) you could find two tiny Carlsberg stalls.
In view of the huge importance of beer to the event, a monopoly is just not on. So PLEASE, organisers, for 2007 – NO BEER MONOPOLY!!
Aunty Edna

I sent this on to the “Talkback” column in the South China Morning Post. Anybody else have thoughts on how the tournament could be improved?