Hong Kong’s Pollution

As a follow-up to yesterday’s posting, I noticed in today’s South China Morning Post that much of Hong Kong’s polution is blown down the Pearl River Delta from Foshan.

Foshan is the home of hundreds of ceramic, cement and furniture factories spewing stuff into the atmosphere. There is little enforcement of the already weak air-quality laws.


Foshan Ceramics Factory

A few years ago I had an extensive consulting assignment in Nanhai which is very near Foshan. There was a constant overcast caused by the Foshan factories. There was also a stench in the air, theoretically, from the nearby truck farms using human waste for fertilizer but I now wonder if it wasn’t from all those factories.

I guess, we can’t totally blame the Hong Kong government for the poor air quality in Hong Kong but it is very obvious to all, except those who refuse to see, that the problem is serious and will negatively affect Hong Kong’s Competitive status.