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Hong Kong Versus Singapore – Dead Heat

Five days ago I announced that I was Off to Singapore and promised to draw some comparisons on my return.

Among Westerners who have been in Hong Kong for a while, there’s a phrase used to put down those who live in Singapore, “Singapore is Asia for beginners.” I’ve also heard it referred to as, “Asia Lite.”

Singapore Merlion 2

The Merlion, A Symbol of Singapore

As with any generalization, there is a certain amount of truth to what people say. However, Singapore need never feel like a second city to Hong Kong nor should Hong Kong look down its nose at Singapore or as some Singaporeans have told me, apologize for its undisciplined ways.

They are definitely different but neither is better than the other, depending on what you are looking for. To use a U.S. analogy, Hong Kong reminds me of New York, Manhattan in particular, while Singapore has a Los Angeles feel about it.

I’ll be drawing up some comparisons and contrasts over the next several days. I would love it if some of you out there commented with your agreements or disagreements.

Until tomorrow then….