Hong Kong Slightly Off the Beaten Track

For most of those who visit Hong Kong, shopping is definitely high on the list. And of course, cruising the river and exploring Macau. But, Hong Kong can offer some other interesting things to do and see as well. The hidden gems of Hong Kong attract tourists like magnet, especially those who prefer to go slightly off the beaten track.

The airfare and hotel take up the bulk of your vacation budget. So it’s wise to book the airfare to Hong Kong ahead of time to save some money. Typically, the cheapest tickets can be found about two months before departure.

And while you are searching for flights, you should also book a room in one of the cheap hotels in Hong Kong ahead of time. Over all, Hong Kong is not exactly the cheapest destination in Asia; which means you have to rack up some money especially if you fancy staying in a posh hotel. You can find rooms starting at $65USD per night (3-star) but most rooms cost about $150USD per night.

Now that you have a way to get to Hong Kong and a place to stay here, it’s time to figure out what places to visit. For nature lovers Lantau Island is an excellent choice. There’s a trail leading to Lantau Peak, which offers gorgeous views of the Shek Pik reservoir in the valley. And if you want to soak up the history of the place, check out the temples, forts and remnants of past settlements still existing on the island.

Although there aren’t any zoos in Hong Kong, you can check out some of the wild life reserves. You can enjoy some bird-watching at Wetland Park.

And for those who love to explore the culture and history, there are some museums which are worth your attention. One of the best is the Hong Kong Museum of History, which showcases the Hong Kong’s history from the stone ages through the Chinese imperial dynasties to World War II up to the 1997 handover.

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