Hong Kong in March

March in Hong Kong is laid back – as much as laid back Hong Kong can be, of course. It’s not high travel season, so you can enjoy the fact that the sites aren’t crowded. Avoid the weekends though if you plan to explore the theme parks. Pack light clothing as the weather is quite mild, although there are humidity spells.


Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate. Winter lasts from January to March and is dry and cool. March is quite pleasant , with occasional humidity spells (fog, drizzle).

Sample temperatures:
Hong Kong avg high 21C ; avg low 17C

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Flights and accommodation

While Hong Kong is definitely a year-round destination, the most popular time to visit is during the end of February and in mid-September. So, traveling in March means you won’t be traveling during the high season, but don’t exactly expect to find cheap airfare or accommodation .

In general, Hong Kong is not a cheap destination, but you can save some money if you book ahead of time. Plus, you might find some bargains available from time to time.

What to do

Traveling in March means you won’t be able to attend any festivals in Hong Kong. Instead, you can spend your vacation visiting Hong Kong Disneyland – a good option especially if you travel with the kids. Ocean Park is another good idea if you want to have fun but don’t fancy Disneyland.

Explore Victoria Harbour and its promenade area. Or head to Victoria Peak for some lovely views of the Harbour. While here, you can also visit the Botanical Gardens. And there are also plenty of museums to check out.

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