Hong Kong: A hi tech stopover

Whether we travel for business or pleasure, in the era of hi tech…everything…it’s pretty hard not to be tempted to look for hi tech hotels . Windows with LED lights in them? Checked! Mood scents in the room? You bet! Touch Tables to order drinks and room service? But of course! And yes, WiFi is pretty much “standard” in many hotels now (especially in business hotels).

But what does Hong Kong have to do with hi tech hotel? Well, a lot! First of all, that’s where you can find two very interesting hotels equipped with hi tech gadgets. WiFI in the car to the hotel? But of course they can offer that!

If tickets to Hong Kong burn a whole in your pocket and planning a vacation here won’t be exactly the cheapest thing you’ll do in your life, how about planning a stopover ?

Many airlines allow stopover for free or a nominal fee. You can stay for several hours up to several days, on route to, let’s say, Thailand. Do keep in mind that national airlines are more likely to allow stopover in their countries.

For a stopover in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is the airline to choose. They offer free stopover on some of their routes. The only downside to planning a stopover here is obtaining the visa.

Adding stopovers to your itinerary is easier if you purchase a RTW ticket. The options are endless and you can add as many continents or regions you want to (sure, it does depend on your budget because these stopovers cost money). But it’s surely worth it to look up the options and schedule a stopover in one of the more expensive cities.

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