Good News and Bad News

Depending on how you look at it, both items could be good news.

In the same spirit that moves Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, the Liu family of Hong Kong announced that they are not going to sell the family 3 hectare garden in Kowloon to a developer as was originally planned but instead will set it up in a trust so that it can be made available to all.

This is good news for all the people of Hong Kong who are concerned at the continued development of both sides of the harbor. There must be some balance between development and livability. This was a definite step in that direction.

The other news, good or bad, is that I will be traveling in Ireland and England for the next three weeks. Postings will therefore be erratic depending on how much stout and Irish whiskey I drink in Ireland and how much bitter and Scotch whiskey I consume in England.

Seriously, though, I will have limited access and time to post every day. Check back from time to time as I will be adding a few postings. You will have to wait until early August for items 9 and 10 of “Ten Things to do in Hong Kong.”