Crazy Hour in Hong Kong

This week’s (Feb. 17, 2006) HK Magazine had an article titled “How To Stretch Your Miserably Small Budget.” You can download it from their site and read the article yourself.

One of the places that isn’t mentioned, unfortunately, has the best Happy Hour on Hong Kong Island, in my opinion. I’m talking about Carnegie’s, G/F Spa Building, 53-55 Lockhart Rd., Wanchai. They call it “Crazy Hour” and it runs from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM and all bar drinks and beers are HK$19 or less than US$2.50. This compared to regular prices of HK$45.00 and up. In addition the bar snacks, particularly the Chicken Wings and the Nachos are a meal in themselves at HK$55.00. Order two and the price drops to HK$89.00 for both. What a deal. Not only that the server comes around and warns you before “Crazy Hour” morphs into a more traditional Happy Hour so you can order as many additional items as you want and drink at “Crazy Hour” prices for at least another 30-45 minutes.
View of Carnegies just before the Crazy Hour crowd arrives.

I was there last night and was reminded again of what a wonderful deal and what a friendly place it is. By the way, I own no stock in the place and am not trying to suck up to anyone. It is just truly my favorite place to drink and snack.