Christmas Lasts Longer in Hong Kong

Yesterday, I went to the IFC Mall to buy some movie tickets. In the center of the main mall entrance stood a 30 or 40 foot tall fully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by lots of other decorations. Not only that but I saw two or three tourists taking photos of the scene. I wish I’d had my camera.

I suddenly realized that all the Christmas and New Year decorations in Hong Kong stay up until the Chinese Lunar New Year which is January 28-31 this year. Sometimes CNY, as we westerners abbreviate it, arrives as late as the third week in February. It makes practical sense in some ways. Why tear down elaborate decorations when another major holiday is only weeks away. Of course, taken to its illogical conclusion, one could justify leaving the goodies up all year.

Whatever the reasoning, it’s still nice that we in Hong Kong get an extra month or so of the holiday look. I wonder if the same practice is followed in private residences.