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Another Voice heard From On “Unhappy” Hong Kong People.

I recently posted a message about how Hong Kong people rated low on the happiness scale and opined that maybe it was cultural and they were happier than they appeared.

Smellokitty disagreed with me and this is what she said. What are your thoughts?

HongKong people ARE unhappy. Fullstop. The rise of social illness has been apparent for long what with the cleaver chopping that goes on once a week on the news. People’s general lack of honesty with themself regarding their personal lives let alone EXPRESSING their discomfort, then add to that a shortage of psychologists is one big boiling pot for misery. In the long run HK peoples’ EQs are and has been diminishing rapidly -dont take any excuses… They DONT smile. They dont have any reason to smile, and if they did, they have to force it -it isnt too hard to tell a fake from a real smile. If a hongkong person doesnt like you, theyre too inhibited to say it. If they like you they’re too inhibted to show it. Go figure why their self opression is causing enough mental illness to keep a shrink in overtime.

Cultural binding here is weak and family obligation has overshadowed family support causing people to be highly individualistic and uncooperative with others. HK also falls lowest in the statistics of casual sex (married or unmarried) compared to the rest of the world, they are sexually frustrated and sublimate that into over indulgence of materialism, food and money – the basis of their life struggle in the name of happiness often resulting in Not.
The extreme fluctuations in one’s self esteem is readily apparent, being either bottom of the pit or top of the pile. There is enough Egotism to go around but not a dint of absolute self esteem for a person to go around feeling valued as a human being. If you take offense at what I say, its most likely cause its true.