Hong Kong Can Get Downright Chilly

This weekend the temperatures in Hong Kong have dipped into the very low 40s, Fahrenheit, 5-6 Centigrade. Many locals are bundled up like they were living in Montana instead of Hong Kong. The other day I went out in a long sleeve shirt and people commented on how strong I was to be able to endure the cold. Having been raised in Milwaukee, WI and lived in Montana where my wife was born and raised, I had to chuckle to myself at the memory of playing our first shirts and skins basketball game outdoors when the temperature reached 40, usually sometime in late March.

The greatest thing about this type of weather is that one can walk all over Hong Kong without having to take air-con breaks along the way. Joggers are joyful. Hikers are high-spirited. Exercisers are exuberant. Pam and I finally, though, had to break out our space heaters this morning when we realized we were both walking around our flat with blankets over our shoulders.

Until the cold rains come later this month, Hong Kong is now more accessible on foot than at any other time of year.