Shopping and Pollution in Hong Kong

At the risk of sounding less than humble, I noticed in today’s South China Morning Post that there has been verification of what I wrote in two of my recent postings.

One headline stated, “Hong Kong the world champion at sport of shopping.” The article went on to point out that an ACNielson study found Hong Kong had the highest concentration of “recreational shoppers,” those who shop for entertainment rather than necessities. The percentage is an astounding 93%, tied with Indonesia for highest in Asia. The regional average was 84% compared with 68% in the U.S. As I said in my recent posting Hong Kong people would run away with a Shopping World Cup.

As a member of the 7% minority I am at a loss to understand why this is true. Perhaps some of you readers have an idea or two. Maybe people just want to get indoors and away from the air pollution.

In another article it was announced that “Poll highlights worsening air quality.” Half the respondents in a City University/Canadian Chamber of Commerce poll believed clean air was the most important factor for higher satisfaction on the environment. Environmental protection dropped from fifth in 2004 to ninth in the 2005 Satisfaction Index. Surprise, surprise!

I recently talked about the problem as I endured my annual summer cough in “Hong Kong’s Pollution.” Some of the air pollution is local; some blows down from Guangdong Province but all of it is unhealthy and uncomfortable. I fervently hope something will be done about a problem that worsens every day.