Hong Kong’s Very Own World Cup – Shopping

The Hong Kong Tourism Board announced a two month Shopping Festival in an attempt to lure tourists who are not caught up in World Cup fever.

There has never been any doubt that Hong Kong people are World Class shoppers. I guess that now they will have some competition from tourists lured here by the opportunity to spend HK$300.00 in order to be eligible to win one of 113 prizes totally worth about HK$2.7 million.

Hon Kong Shoppers
Happy Shoppers Celebrating Maxing Out their Credit Cards!

Chan Lap-Yip, Director of Destination Marketing for the HKTB opined that the opening of the newly improved Wetlands Park and the new Cable Car on Lantau Island might attract some people, too. I hope so. I would hate to think that shopping was the only reason to visit Hong Kong. If that were true we would be subjected to the destruction of even more historically significant sites to make room for more malls and shopping arcades. I’m shuddering just imagining the possibility.

If I could bet, I would back the native Hong Kong shoppers to drive the tourists into the ground and retain the World Cup of shopping.