Hong Kong Versus Singapore – Getting Around and Getting Along

Fourth in a continuing series.

There are just a few other comparisons between the two places that need to be made. One is the ease with which people can move around the city. Singapore has wide streets that make walking a pleasure. Hong Kong’s streets, on the other hand, are usually narrow and overcrowded. Strolling is difficult in the built up areas. It also seems as if the sidewalks and streets are constantly being torn up.

Singapore Tree Lined Lane In Chinatown

Tree Lined Lane in Singapore’s Chinatown

I do believe however that Hong Kong’s public transportation system is the best in the world. You can find details in a previous posting: Hong Kong, A Public Transportation Paradise. Singapore’s transportation system is good. It just doesn’t have the convenience or the efficiency that Hong Kong’s does.

I do find that the people of Singapore are more friendly. It could be because of Singapore’s greater diversity or it could be that English is spoken much more widely in Singapore. It could be that there’s twice as many people in Hong Kong than in Singapore. It could be the cultural differences between people who came from Guangzhou Province and speak Cantonese and those who came from Fujian Province and speak Hokkien. Whatever the reason it is really noticeable in Singapore’s shops and on the streets where people actually smile at one another.

In the end, it appears that Hong Kong people are in much more of a rush and appear to be more stressed than Singaporeans. Thus, perhaps they have less opportunity to take the time to be friendly.

I hope to conclude the Hong Kong – Singapore comparison tomorrow.