Hong Kong in December

December is another popular month to visit Hong Kong. Sure, it’s cold (by the local standards) but it’s also very nice if you plan to see the festive lights and go shopping. Don’t be shy and explore the outdoors, as well.


December in Hong Kong falls during winter and it’s definitely cold here. Or shall we say, it’s cold for the locals? With an average day time temperature of 21C and an average during the night of 15C , for someone used to cold winters in North America and Europe, the weather is downright mild. The best example would be Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Hong Kong in winter when he is very pleased with the warm weather but the locals insist it’s actually cold and winter.

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Flights and accommodation

Despite the colder weather, visiting Hong Kong in December is very popular. Christmas and New Year’s Eve add to the popularity, of course. So, it’s high season and the high prices which go along with that. Expect to pay more for your flight and accommodation . Do book them in advance. You might even save some money (especially on accommodation).

What to do

Winter Fest starts by the end of November so December is an excellent month to see the festive lights. Plus, it’s a good time to shop here as the winter sales are in full swing.

And speaking about shopping, you might want to attend the Brands and Products Expo which takes place outdoors and features signature brands from Hong Kong and overseas.

The mild weather allows for exploring the nature, as well. So put on your hiking shoes and head to Victoria Peak. You can see some lovely views of Victoria Harbour , by the way.

Especially if you travel with the kids, plan a day or two exploring the theme parks. Disneyland is a lovely choice during this time of the year, but try to avoid the weekends when it’s very crowded. Ocean Park is another good option.

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