Food Is All in Hong Kong

I recently attended the Hong Kong Food Expo at the Convention Center.

My wife, Pam, and I intended to go on Sunday afternoon, thinking it would be a pleasant way of killing a rainy PM, snacking our way around the hundreds of exhibitor booths.

WRONG! The crush to get anywhere near the entrance was such that we decided to hit the nearby Pacific Coffee outlet and have a light lunch.

The next day, which was the last day of the Expo, I decided to see what all the excitement was about. I figured since it was Monday and the last day the crowds would have diminshed considerably.

WRONG! It was easier to enter the exhibit hall but once inside, movement was severely limited because of the crowds. I was also disappointed by the fact that most of the exhibitors were only selling their products at reduced prices and samples were very hard to find. The ones I did find were snapped up as soon as they were put out. I also could not find any cooking demonstrations, a feature of every food exhibition, I’ve attended in the past.

What I did find, was people with carts full of groceries and people carrying numerous bags full of purchased items. Naturally the carts and the bags created even more of a crush. I allowed myself to be pushed around for about 30 minutes and finally gave up to head for my favorite pub and a delayed lunch.

I have a hard time imaging why people would spend HK$20.00 and subject themselves to crushing crowds and long queues just to be allowed to buy products that are available in the market. I am aware the products are slightly discounted, nevertheless, the whole scene boggled my mind.

And just when I thought I was beginning to have a slight understanding of the Hong Kong Chinese.