Take a Budget Break from Hong Kong in the Philippines

boracayNo matter why you choose to visit Hong Kong, chances are pretty good that you’ll be on your way out of the city at some point. Unless, of course, you meet the woman of your dreams and decide to stay forever… But y’know, that kind of thing doesn’t happen as often in real life as it does in the movies (dammit).

So when you’re ready to skip town, where are you going to go? You might go back where you came from, but if you’ve come a long way to get to Hong Kong in the first place, why not stay in the area and take advantage of one of the many cheap flights to Philippines? All it takes is a quick glance at a map to see that the Philippines is really close to Hong Kong, and all it takes is a little time spent in Hong Kong to realize that going to a cheaper destintion would do wonders for your travel budget.

Enter the Philippines. Literally.

From Hong Kong’s busy airport, you can find international flights to just about anywhere on earth. Many of the destinations in Asia are bargains to reach from Hong Kong, and each place offers something a little different. Most places in SE Asia are great for budget travel, but when you look at some of the stellar bargains on Philippine Airlines deals in particular you may be swayed into a trip to the Philippines.

As an aside, if you’re one of the lucky expats living in SE Asia who has to make a visa run to Hong Kong every so often, then why not consider rewarding yourself for a successful trip with a mini-vacation in the Philippines? You’ll be back to Hong Kong soon enough, so even if you don’t spend much time in the city on this trip – you’ll be back the next time you need to make another visa run.

Boracay Island is calling – can you hear it?

photo by wili_hybrid