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hostelHong Kong is a city with a split personality, part Chinese and part British, which makes it both exotic and sort of familiar. It’s an exciting city to visit, no matter what you are looking for, except that it can be pretty expensive. The good news is that there are plenty of hostels in Hong Kong for the budget traveler.

Staying in a Hong Kong hostel is a great way to stretch your travel budget, especially because other things in Hong Kong are expensive, too. Saving money on your bed means you’ve got more to spend on food, souvenirs and attractions. Keep in mind that hostels in Hong Kong tend to be extremely small, sometimes cramming two or three beds into rooms you might think are better suited as singles. So be prepared to sleep in your hostel and then not spend any more time there than you need to.

Many of the Hong Kong hostels located in the Chungking and Mirador Mansions buildings on Nathan Road have dodgy reputations, but they are some of the cheapest beds in the city. If your primary concern is budget, these are worth looking into. If you are more concerned about cleanliness, you’ll want to look at some of the other hostels on Nathan Road or elsewhere in the city instead.

For those who haven’t stayed in a hostel before, a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Most hostels do not have age restrictions, even if they use the term “youth hostel” in the name. Hostels are ideal places for budget travelers of all ages.
  • Hostels can be especially great for solo travelers who can take advantage of the opportunity for social interaction with like-minded travelers.
  • Not all hostels have only dorm-style rooms; many have a limited number of private bedrooms, some of which even have private bathrooms.
  • Hostels are not all alike – some will offer lots of free amenities, some will be no frills, some will be party headquarters in the center of everything, some will be quiet spaces a short trip from downtown. Only you can decide which characteristics are perfect for your trip.
  • Sometimes the word “hostel” isn’t the word you’re looking for. Budget accommodations can also be called “guesthouses” or “B&Bs,” many of which are cheaper than hotels and offer personality and charm that chains could never match.

In the Kowloon district, expect to pay about US$ 23 for a double room, while a bed in a 30-bed dorm, in the same hostel, costs about US$ 7. The breakfast is not included and there is free internet access in the rooms and lobby (wi-fi). If you prefer to stay right in the center of Hong Kong, you can pay as much as US$ 90 per night for a person in a double room.

Have a great time in Hong Kong, and if you need any other information to help you plan your trip, be sure to read these Hong Kong travel stories and find out what to see and do in the Hong Kong Travel Guide.