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Take Me To the Movies

I’m one of those who still believe that the best way to see a movie is in the environment for which it was created, a theater.

This week, we, in Hong Kong, have an embarrassment of riches with the choice of fine movies available. At the Palace in the International Finance Center, our favorite venue, three of the five Oscar nominees for best picture are showing. The other two, including the winner, “Crash,” have, unfortunately come and gone. “Brokeback Mountain,” “Walk the Line” and “Munich” are all here. The Palace also has three others showing that were prominently featured in the Oscar Awards: “Capote,” “Pride and Prejudice” and “Transamerica.”

I’m sure this isn’t accidental because three weeks ago, we couldn’t find a movie in town we wanted to see. The distributors often hold back until they are sure there is public interest. Sometimes it costs them because pirated DVDs show up before the play dates. This happened with the last Harry Potter offering.

As a side note, other than the fact that we can walk to the IFC, we like the Palace because the theaters are small, the seats are leather and very roomy with lots of leg room so people can get to the aisles comfortably, the prices are competitive and every seat, even in the first row is suitable for watching the film. The only drawback is they sell-out so fast.

As much as I hate to, I believe I’m going to be forced to go to a couple of these blockbusters by myself as my wife, Pam, has to work next week. I may even sneak in an afternoon look at “Firewall” a very predictable Harrison Ford epic. But…hey…it’s Harrison Ford. I know it will be exciting even if it isn’t very meaningful.