What Is Flamenco Doing In Hong Kong?

Yesterday afternoon, at the Cultural Center, I witnessed a transcendent performance of Flamenco by Eva Yerbabuena and her troupe of dancers, singers and musicians. I thought I had seen Flamenco before but I was wrong. This was genuine Flamenco: passionate, improvised at times, well-rehearsed at others and most of all exhibiting an indefinable beauty.

Eva Yerbabuena Dancing “Torre de la Villa”

The reason I mention this is to underline a point I’ve been making in previous blogs like The Hong Kong Arts Festival and More To Do Than Ride the Peak Tram. That such a world class performance would come to Hong Kong in the first place, that the four performances would sell out and that the audience at a matinee performance would stand and cheer the performers is beyond anything I or anyone would have expected in the not so distant past.

Hong Kong is not just becoming a world class cultural and entertainment destination; it has already arrived.