Visit This Great Exhibit of the Silk Road

As I mentioned in a previous entry the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is an incredible place to visit. Evidently people are not being drawn to its fascinating exhibit, “The Silk Road: Treasures from Xinjiang” (Click on “Season’s Attractions” to access the information).

The Cherchen Man. Buried circa 800 BC.

Why aren’t more people visiting this once in a lifetime exhibit of artifacts that is almost never allowed to leave Xinjiang Province? In today’s South China Morning Post, an article speculates that the museum is doing a poor job of promoting the exhibit. I have to agree. I didn’t know about it until we walked through the door. I almost skipped it until my wife, Pam, pointed out how interesting it was likely to be. She was right.

Whether or not the newspaper is correct, if you live here or will be visiting before March 19, 2006, make an effort to see this incredible exhibit. You will be thankful you did.