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Trashing Hong Kong Disneyland Goes Global

So, I’m driving down Interstate 90 about 10 miles East of Bozeman, Montana listening to a local radio station when the newscaster presents a story about how the Hong Kong Disneyland employees wearing the Mickey Mouse costume have had numerous injuries because of the weight of the costume. He goes on to say that labor activists are petitioning the government to pass new laws to eliminate this kind of “abuse” (their words, not mine).

Aside from the weirdness of such a minor story making it all the way to Bozeman Montana, I have concluded that every group in Hong Kong that has some kind of political agenda is using anything they can dredge up about Disneyland to advance their cause. Employees have been wearing that costume for more than 50 years and never have I seen one word about how the wearing of it abuses an employee. Does anyone believe that in the litigation-happy U.S.A. or in over-protective France that, if the costume was a problem, Disney would not have been excoriated publicly and in the courts?

Come on people. Eventually you will drive Disney away and then whom will you have to use to get media attention for your agenda.