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The 2006 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Are History

In an incredible finish, England defeated Fiji to win the Championship Cup at the 30th Anniversary Rugby Sevens. Wales won the plate (second tier). China won the bowl (third tier).

England scored in extra time to take the cup 26-24. The stands were packed right to the end, although a few Kiwis were seen sneaking out early, muttering about how they were robbed in their semi-final match with Fiji which the All Blacks lost 35-10. The pageantry was magnificent during the parade of teams before the bowl final and at the end of the cup match.

The U.S. won bupkus, not winning even one match. If China can go from laughing stock to bowl champions in six years, how is it that the U.S. can’t even field a competitive team after 30 years?

Enough sour grapes. This year’s event was, perhaps the best ever. The spirit, the athleticism, the beer, the costumes in the South Stands – everything seemed even better than last year when Hong Kong hosted the Rugby Sevens World Cup.

I will say some more about this event tomorrow but I suggest that if you wish to experience the pure joy of a sporting event that outdoes so much of what passes for competition in other sports, then plan to be here next year.