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Sevens Rugby Comes Back Home to Hong Kong

Five days until the 30th staging of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

In 1976, at the Hong Kong Football Club, a tournament was launched, featuring a new game, invented to allow Hong Kong with its small population to compete at Rugby, The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

Lots of Action in the Stands

The sport has grown from a small collection of club teams from Asia and Europe to the point where it is played in just under 100 countries of which 32 + field National teams for the annual Rugby Sevens Series. Every four years it has its own World Cup. Last year the World Cup was held here in Hong Kong. It is also played at the Commonwealth Games.

What makes it so special here in Hong Kong is the enthusiasm of the Stadium crowds of up to 40,000 and the antics of the spectators in the infamous South Stands. Personally, I’ve been to the Hong Kong tournament all but four times in my 14 years here. I don’t intend to miss it this year either. It’s as exciting a game as any I know – much more exciting than Rugby League or Rugby Union.

It’s still possible to buy a Cathay Pacific Airline package from almost anywhere in Asia, Europe and North America that includes airfare and tickets. Even if you don’t have tickets, it’s often possible to buy them outside the stadium, from newspaper ads or even on the internet. What ever it takes, it’s a spectacle worth being a part of.