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Disney Bashing Is All the Rage

I picked up my South China Morning Post this morning and was shocked to discover that the Disneyland management was interested in taking responsibility for handling queue jumping and similar disturbances instead of calling in the police. So what’s the problem? Actually there are two issues.

One is that most anywhere else in the world the police would not expect to be called in to handle queue jumping in an amusement park. The other is what appears to be a power struggle between government employees and Disneyland management over how situations should be handled. The government people want a free hand. Disney wants to keep disruption of other guests in the park to a minimum. I must say, I agree with Disney. If I was having a party, would I want the police to come charging in if one of my guests was rowdy and I was handling the situation myself? Of course I wouldn’t.

So why has the Post given so much space to the disagreement including an editorial very critical of Disney’s position? Based on a few unattributed comments, they imply that Disney is putting its image ahead of people’s safety. Based on what I read, there is no reason to believe that this is what Disney is doing.

I believe there is a broader problem with the Post’s handling of this and every other Disney related issue. They love to bash Disney. I have not read one complimentary article about Disney in the Post in the last three months, only negative articles and chastising editorials. Is it because they are such an easy target? I didn’t see any editorials when poor planning at the Hyatt close-out sale created a riot that required the Police Tactical Unit to be deployed. I haven’t seen any stories about Ocean Park’s problems. Am I supposed to believe that Ocean Park management is perfect?

I guess it’s just easier to go after Disney than to do some real investigative reporting on the many serious issues facing Hong Kong.