Hong Kong’s Best Hostels

roomWhen you’re looking for a place to stay in Hong Kong, staying in a hostel is usually the cheapest way to go. And sleeping cheap means you’ll have a little extra money for all that high-powered shopping or fancy dining you’re planning to do while you’re there! After all, this is Hong Kong, city of boutiques and famous restaurants – neither of which require that you spend an arm and a leg on an expensive hotel room.

But how do you know which are the best hostels in Hong Kong? Well, this new list of Hong Kong’s top hostels should help. It’s a collection of a few of the highest-rated hostels the city has to offer, so you can avoid sifting through hundreds of hostels and just focus on the ones that generally get the best reviews. And what’s more, if you’ve stayed in any of the hostels listed, you can rate them yourself with a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down vote so that other people can learn from your experience, too.

This list of Hong Kong’s best hostels is a great resource for anyone who’s planning a trip, and with the help of people who know these properties and who can rate them, it will only get better over time.