Hostel room in Hong KongThe plane ticket to Hong Kong and the accommodation are two of the most important things to plan well in advance. It sure pays to spend some time searching for place to stay and save some money.

Accommodation in Hong Kong takes many forms. Let’s take a look at some accommodation types in Hong Kong so that you know what to expect.


There are a lot of 5 star hotels in Hong Kong and although you might think they are a bit out of reach, think again. They tend to be less expensive than the 5 star hotels in other big cities such as New York or London. Also, there are a lot of 3 or 4 star hotels to choose from.

The most expensive area is Hong Kong Island. The cheapest accommodation can be found in the Kowloon and the New Territories. But no matter where you go, please note that rooms might be smaller than you expect or are used to.

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Being part Chinese and part British, Hong Kong tends to have a sort of familiar feel to it for many travelers. However, accommodation can be rather pricey. But the good news is that Hong Kong doesn’t lack hostels, the best place to stay if you are a budget traveler.

Hostels have really small rooms, sometimes two or three beds are crammed in a space that you’d probably thing was better suited for a single room. But they can be great places to stay if you are single and want to socialize.

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When you look for cheap accommodation in Hong Kong, don’t only search for “hostels”. Most often you will find cheap beds in Guesthouses or B&Bs. Just like in the case of hostels, the farther you are from Hong Kong Island, the less expensive the bed will be. But as long as you are near the public transport, you shouldn’t worry about getting to the popular sights.