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Top 5 Must-See Places in Hong KongHong Kong is a city that is a fascinating mix of many cultures and centuries of history. It is a city that has been the center of trade in China for a very long time and has seen more than its share of historic events. When you are getting ready to visit Hong Kong, there are five sites that you must see before you leave. As you start to book Hong Kong flights, make sure your vacation itinerary includes these

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What to Eat in Hong Kong: Famous FoodsBecause of its important geographic location as a port city, Hong Kong has had a variety of cultures which blend to give it a very vibrant food scene. Located close to mainland China, you’ll find many Chinese specialties and of course an abundance of fresh seafood. However influences from many other parts of the world can be found in Hong Kong cuisine. Here are a few famous foods you’ll want to try on your next visit to Hong Kong.

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3 Days in Hong Kong: Itinerary IdeasHong Kong is a beautiful city, rich in history yet also reaching steadily into the modern day – a center of finance, a blending of cultures, and an exciting destination for any traveler. Food is an integral part of the culture here, markets teem with activity daily, and the nightlife is some of the best in the world. Whether it’s your final destination, or a stop on a RTW itinerary, three days in Hong Kong is enough to give you

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Why You Should Add Hong Kong to Your RTW Trip ItineraryThere are a million different ways to craft a RTW trip. Some travelers like to choose the places that they’ve always wanted to visit – their bucket list destinations and activities that they’ve always dreamed of doing and going. They devise their itinerary around those must-see places. Others like to take advantage of the time they will have on their extended trip and go to far-away places that are difficult to get to and see on a

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Getting from Hong Kong to China

by Cristina on January 24, 2012

Getting from Hong Kong to ChinaBefore making any plans to get between Hong Kong and mainland China make sure your visas are in order. You need visa to enter Hong Kong and a different visa to enter China.

Once that is figured out, you are left with deciding where you want to go and then decide how you plan to travel. Flights, ferries, buses and trains offer a lot of options for all budgets.

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Should you plan to get from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

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Hong Kong in December

by Cristina on January 20, 2012

Hong Kong in DecemberDecember is another popular month to visit Hong Kong. Sure, it’s cold (by the local standards) but it’s also very nice if you plan to see the festive lights and go shopping. Don’t be shy and explore the outdoors, as well.


December in Hong Kong falls during winter and it’s definitely cold here. Or shall we say, it’s cold for the locals? With an average day time temperature of 21C and an average during the night of 15C ,

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